What is the Difference Between Dewalt 18V And 20V Battery?

Published on: December 25, 2022
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In terms of battery life, the Dewalt 18V and 20V are very similar. Both batteries will last for around the same amount of time on a single charge. However, the 20V battery is slightly larger and heavier than the 18V battery.

This can make a difference if you are working with your tools for extended periods of time. Additionally, the 20V battery is compatible with more tools than the 18V battery. If you have a lot of Dewalt tools, it may be worth upgrading to the 20V battery so that you can use all of your tools with one type of battery.

what is the difference between dewalt 18v and 20v battery

There are a few key differences between Dewalt’s 18V and 20V batteries. The most obvious difference is that the 20V battery has a higher voltage, meaning it will provide more power to your tools. Additionally, the 20V battery has a higher capacity, so it will last longer before needing to be recharged.

Finally, the 20V battery is compatible with all of Dewalt’s 20V tools, while the 18V battery is only compatible with some of them.

Are Dewalt 18V And 20V Batteries Interchangeable?

As anyone who has ever owned a power tool knows, batteries are not cheap. So when you invest in a Dewalt 18V or 20V battery, you want to be sure that you can use it with all of your Dewalt tools. The good news is that these batteries are interchangeable – meaning you can use either one in any of your Dewalt 18V or 20V tools.

The reason for this is that both the 18V and 20V batteries use the same lithium-ion technology. This means that they can both provide enough power to run your tools without overloading them. In terms of actual voltage, the difference between 18V and 20V is only 2 volts – which is why they can be used interchangeably.

So if you’re looking to save money on batteries, or just want to have a few spares around, feel free to buy either 18V or 20V versions – they’ll work just fine in any of your Dewalt tools!

There are a few things that you can do in order to tell if your Dewalt battery is bad. First, you will want to check the voltage of the battery. If it is below 12 volts, then the battery is most likely bad.

Are 18V And 20V Batteries Interchangeable?

18V and 20V batteries are not interchangeable. 18V batteries are typically used in cordless power tools, while 20V batteries are used in lawn and garden tools. The two battery types are not compatible with each other and will not work together.

If you have a cordless power tool that uses an 18V battery, you will need to purchase a new battery when it needs replacing. The same is true for lawn and garden tools that use a 20V battery – you will need to purchase a new battery of the same voltage when it needs replacing.

Difference Between 18V And 20V Drill

There are a few key differences between an 18V and a 20V drill. The most obvious difference is the voltage, which means that the 20V drill will have more power. This can be helpful if you’re working with tougher materials or need to drill through something quickly.

Another difference is the size of the drill. An 18V drill is typically smaller and lighter than a 20V drill, which can be beneficial if you’re working in tight spaces or need to maneuver the drill around a lot. The size difference can also affect how long the battery lasts – in general, a smaller 18V battery will die faster than a larger 20V battery.

Finally, price is always a consideration when choosing between two drills. In general, 18V drills are less expensive than 20V drills because they have less power and features. However, it’s important to compare prices carefully before making your final decision.

18V Vs 20V Vs 24V

18V, 20V, and 24V are all voltages used in electrical systems. The main difference between them is the amount of power they can provide. 18V is the lowest voltage and can only provide a limited amount of power.

20V is a higher voltage and can provide more power. 24V is the highest voltage and can provide the most power.

Are Dewalt 18V Batteries Interchangeable

Most people think that all 18V batteries are interchangeable, but that’s not the case. Dewalt 18V batteries are not interchangeable with other brands or types of batteries. This is because Dewalt uses proprietary battery chemistry that is different from other manufacturers.

So if you’re looking to use a Dewalt 18V battery in another brand of tool, you’ll need to find an adapter or converter.

18V Vs 20V Dewalt

If you’re a homeowner or just someone who likes to do things around the house, you’ve probably heard of Dewalt. Dewalt is a brand that’s known for its quality tools, and its cordless drills are some of the best on the market. But what’s the difference between their 18V and 20V models?

The Biggest Difference

The biggest difference between the two is the amount of torque they offer. The 18V model offers 500 in/lbs of torque while the 20V model offers 700 in/lbs. That extra 200 in/lbs can come in handy when you’re dealing with tougher projects.

Another Difference

Another difference is that the 20V model has a brushless motor while the 18V does not. Brushless motors tend to be more efficient and last longer than brushed motors, so this is another plus for the 20V model.


Finally, battery life is always something to consider with cordless tools. The 18V model will give you about 1 hour of runtime while the 20V will give you closer to 2 hours. So if you’re working on a big project, it’s worth opting for the higher voltage model so you don’t have to stop and recharge as often. In general, both of these Dewalt cordless drills are great choices.

If you need a little extra power and runtime, go with the 20V model.

Dewalt 18V Battery

Dewalt makes a great 18V battery that is perfect for use in their cordless power tools. This battery has a high capacity and can be recharged quickly, making it ideal for use on the job site. The Dewalt 18V battery is also compatible with other brands of cordless power tools, making it a versatile option for any workshop.

If you want to know what is the best battery charger for lithium batteries? There are many factors to consider when choosing a battery charger for lithium batteries. Read the article for details.

Can You Use a 20V Battery on an 18V Tool Porter Cable?

As technology advances, so do battery voltages. Many battery-operated tools are now available in higher voltages, such as 18V and 20V. But what happens if you have an older tool that only runs on 18V batteries?

Can you use a 20V battery on an 18V tool? The answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the 20V battery will not provide any more power than an 18V battery.

In fact, it may even provide less power because the higher voltage can cause the motor to run hotter and potentially overheat. Second, using a 20V battery on an 18V tool can shorten the lifespan of both the battery and the tool. The increased voltage puts additional stress on both components and can lead to premature failure.

So if you need to use a 20V battery on an 18V tool, go ahead but be aware of the potential risks involved. And if your tool starts acting funny or doesn’t seem to be running as well as it used to, it’s probably time to invest in a new one that can handle the higher voltage batteries.

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Can You Use a 20 Volt Battery in an 18 Volt Dewalt Tool?

It is not recommended to use a 20-volt battery in an 18-volt DeWalt tool. The 20-volt battery may be too powerful for the tool and could cause damage to the tool or injury to the user.

Is There a Big Difference Between 18V And 20V?

There is a big difference between 18v and 20v. The extra voltage gives the saw more power, making it ideal for larger projects. It also has a higher no-load speed, so you can get your work done faster.

Why Did Dewalt Change from 18V to 20V?

When DeWalt made the switch from 18V to 20V, they did so in order to provide their customers with more power and performance. The move was also in response to some of the other major power tool manufacturers who had already made the switch to 20V. By making this change, DeWalt was able to stay ahead of the competition and offer its customers a more powerful tool.

Final Verdict

In terms of the battery voltage, the Dewalt 18V and 20V batteries are identical. However, the 20V battery is slightly wider and heavier than the 18V battery. The 20V battery also has a higher capacity, meaning it will last longer before needing to be recharged.

In terms of performance, the Dewalt 20V battery is slightly better than the 18V battery, but not by much. Overall, both batteries are excellent choices for powering Dewalt tools.

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