Why Oppo Battery Drain So Fast?

Published on: September 20, 2022
Written by Jonas Frank / Fact-checked by Nova Scarlett

Oppo is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. However, there have been complaints about Oppo battery drain issues. Some users have said that their Oppo smartphones can lose power very quickly, even when they are not using them.

There are a few possible reasons why this could be happening. One possibility is that there is a problem with the battery itself. Another possibility is that there are certain apps or features on the phone that are draining the battery more than they should be.

Finally, it is also possible that the phone’s power-saving mode is not working properly.

why oppo battery drain so fast

If you own an Oppo smartphone, you may have noticed that the battery drains faster than usual. There are a few reasons why this might be happening. First, Oppo phones tend to have larger batteries than other brands, so they require more power to keep them running.

Second, Oppo phones often come with a lot of pre-installed apps that can drain the battery quickly. Finally, the Oppo UI is known to be quite resource-intensive, which can also lead to faster battery drain. If you’re noticing that your Oppo phone’s battery is draining faster than normal, there are a few things you can do to help improve the situation.

First, try uninstalling any unnecessary apps that you don’t use regularly. This will help reduce the amount of power that’s being used by apps you don’t need. Second, consider switching to a lighter UI such as Google’s Material Design interface.

This will help save on battery life since it doesn’t use as many resources as the Oppo UI does. Finally, make sure that you’re charging your phone regularly and not letting it run all the way down to zero percent before plugging it in. Doing this will help prolong your battery’s lifespan in general and prevent it from draining too quickly over time.

How Can I Make My Oppo Battery Last Longer?

Oppo is a Chinese mobile phone company that makes smartphones, Blu-ray players and other electronic devices. The Oppo battery is a high capacity lithium ion battery that has been designed to last longer than most smartphone batteries on the market. If you are looking for ways to make your Oppo battery last even longer, here are some tips:

1. Use Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode can help to extend the battery life of your device by reducing the amount of power used by apps and services. To activate power saving mode on your Oppo device, go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

One of the biggest drains on battery power is the screen. By reducing the brightness of your screen, you can significantly extend the battery life of your device. To adjust screen brightness on your Oppo device, go to Settings > Display > Brightness Level.

3. Limit Background Data Usage

Many apps and services continue to run in the background even when you’re not using them, which can lead to increased battery usage.

To limit background data usage on your Oppo device, go to Settings > Apps > Background Data Usage.

4. Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth When Not in Use

Both WiFi and Bluetooth consume a lot of power when they are turned on, even if you’re not actively using them. To save battery power, it’s best to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them.

How Do I Stop My Battery from Draining So Fast?

If you feel like your battery is draining too fast, there are a few things you can do to help improve the situation. One thing you can do is adjust your screen brightness. A brighter screen requires more power and will therefore drain your battery faster.

If you don’t need your screen to be at full brightness, try turning it down a notch or two. You can also disable any unnecessary features or apps that may be running in the background and using up power without you realizing it. Another way to save battery life is to use Power Saving Mode if your phone has one.

This mode can help extend your battery life by limiting certain features or performance when activated. Finally, make sure that all of the apps on your phone are up-to-date as older versions may not be as efficient as newer ones and could be causing extra strain on your battery. Following these tips should help you get better battery life out of your device.

How Do I Stop Oppo from Power Draining Apps?

One of the main reasons that apps can cause power drainage on your Oppo phone is because they are constantly running in the background. Even when you’re not using them, they may be syncing data or checking for updates, which can use up battery life. To help reduce power drainage from apps, you can:

Restrict or disable background data for individual appsThis will prevent them from using data while you’re not actively using them. To do this, go to Settings > Data usage > Background data and toggle off the switch for any app you don’t want to run in the background.
Uninstall any apps you’re not usingHaving too many apps installed on your phone can also lead to more power consumption, so it’s best to only keep the ones you actually use and need. -Make sure all your app are up-to-date.

Outdated apps can sometimes have bugs that lead to excessive battery usage. To update an app, go to the Google Play Store > My Apps and look for any available updates.

Does Oppo Phone Battery Last Long?

Assuming you are asking about Oppo phones in general, the answer is that they have average battery life. Some models may last longer than others, but on average, you can expect an Oppo phone to last through a full day of moderate use without needing to be recharged. If you are a heavy user or tend to use your phone for power-hungry activities like gaming or streaming video, you may need to recharge once during the day.

does oppo phone battery last long
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How to Check Oppo Battery Life?

We all know how frustrating it is when our phone battery dies right when we need it the most. Whether you’re in the middle of a important call or trying to capture that perfect photo, a dead battery is never fun. But don’t worry, there are some easy ways to check your Oppo battery life so you can be prepared for when your battery starts running low.

First, open up the Settings app on your Oppo phone. Then, tap on the “Battery” option. This will bring up some detailed information about your current battery usage.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see your current battery percentage as well as an estimation of how much longer your battery will last. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see a list of apps and services that are currently using up your battery power. If there’s an app that you’re not using but is still draining your battery, consider uninstalling it to help improve your overall battery life.

Finally, at the bottom of the Battery page, you’ll see some helpful tips on how to extend your Oppo’s battery life such as reducing screen brightness and disabling unused apps and features. By following these tips, you can help make sure that your Oppo phone has enough power to last throughout the day!

Oppo Reno 7 Pro Battery Draining Fast

If your Oppo Reno 7 Pro battery is draining faster than usual, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check to see if you have any apps running in the background that may be consuming battery power. Next, try disabling any unnecessary features or settings on your device that may be contributing to the problem.

Finally, if all else fails, you may need to replace your battery with a new one.

Oppo Reno 4 Battery Draining Fast

Are you a Reno 4 user who is facing battery drainage issues? If yes, then this blog post is for you. We will be discussing the reasons behind this problem and also provide some tips on how to fix it.

One of the main reasons for battery drainage in Oppo Reno 4 is the use of high-resolution images and videos. When you use these high-quality images and videos, they consume more battery power. In order to save your battery life, we would suggest that you use lower resolution images and videos.

Another reason for fast battery drainage could be the usage of certain applications which are resource intensive. These apps tend to use up more battery power in comparison to other apps. So, if you want to improve your Reno 4’s battery life, then we would recommend that you limit your usage of these resource intensive apps.

There are various other factors which can contribute to fast battery drainage in Oppo Reno 4. Some of these include: using live wallpapers, keeping brightness levels high, leaving WiFi or Bluetooth on when not in use etc. If you follow the tips mentioned above, then you should be able to improve your Reno 4’s battery life significantly.

What Causes Cell Battery to Drain Fast?

what causes cell battery to drain fast

Almost everyone has had the experience of their cell phone battery dying at an inopportune time. Whether you’re in the middle of a conversation or trying to capture that perfect photo, a dead battery is always a nuisance. So what causes our cell batteries to drain so fast?

There are actually several factors that can contribute to shortened battery life. One common issue is simply letting your phone’s screen stay lit for too long. The bright lights of our screens use up a lot of power, so if you want to conserve battery, try turning down the brightness or using auto-brightness features.

Additionally, leaving your GPS or Bluetooth on can also sap power, even when you’re not actively using them. Other apps and processes can also put a strain on your battery. If you have any apps running in the background, they may be needlessly eating up power.

Make sure to close out of any applications you’re not using to help save some juice. In general, gaming and video streaming use up more power than other activities, so try to limit those activities if your battery is low. Of course, one major cause of shortened battery life is simply age.

Over time, all batteries will start to degrade and won’t hold as much charge as they used to. If you find that your once-reliable phone is now dying faster than ever before, it might be time for an upgrade. In short, there are lots of things that can cause your cell phone battery to die quickly.

To extend its lifespan, try reducing screen brightness and closing unused apps when possible. And if all else fails and your battery just doesn’t seem to hold charge like it used too, it might be time for a new phone altogether!

Normal Battery Drain Per Hour

As smartphones have become an increasingly integral part of our lives, it’s important to understand how they work and how to keep them running smoothly. One key factor in maintaining your phone’s battery life is understanding normal battery drain per hour. On average, a smartphone will lose about 5-10% of its charge per hour when not in use.

This number can fluctuate depending on the individual phone and its settings, but it provides a good baseline for what to expect. Of course, if you’re actively using your phone – streaming video, playing games, etc. – your battery drain will be higher than normal.

There are a few things you can do to help minimize battery drain when your phone is not in use: -Turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth and GPS when you don’t need them -Lower the screen brightness or timeout setting to conserve power

Why is My Phone Battery Draining So Fast Quora?

why is my phone battery draining so fast quora

If you’re like most people, you rely on your smartphone for just about everything. So when your phone’s battery starts draining faster than usual, it’s a major inconvenience. There are a number of reasons why your phone’s battery might be draining more quickly than normal.

It could be a software issue, or maybe you have too many apps running in the background. Or, it could simply be that your battery is getting old and needs to be replaced. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot the problem and get back to using your phone as usual:

1. Check for updates. If there’s a new software update available for your phone, install it right away. New updates often include bug fixes that can improve battery life.

2. Take a look at what’s running in the background. Too many apps running in the background can really drain your battery quickly. Go into your settings and see which apps are currently running; if there are any that you don’t need, close them down.

3. Consider replacing your battery. If your phone is more than two years old, chances are its battery isn’t as good as it used to be. You might need to replace it in order to get better performance.

Oppo A5S Battery Drain Fast

Oppo A5S Battery Drain Fast: How to Fix It If you have an Oppo A5S, you may have noticed that the battery drains faster than usual. There are a few things that can cause this, and there are a few things you can do to fix it.

First, make sure that you are not overcharging your phone. When you charge your phone overnight, it is easy to forget to unplug it in the morning. This can cause the battery to drain faster because it is constantly being charged.

If you must charge your phone overnight, make sure to unplug it as soon as you wake up in the morning. Second, check for any apps that may be running in the background and using up battery life. To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Background Activity Manager.

Here, you will see a list of all apps that are allowed to run in the background. If any of these apps are using more battery than they should be, consider disabling them or deleting them altogether. Third, make sure that your screen brightness is not set too high.

A bright screen uses more battery power than a dim one, so if you want to save battery life, turn down the brightness of your screen. You can do this by going to Settings > Display > Brightness level and setting it to a comfortable level for your eyesight. fourth, One of The main reasons for fast batter drainage in oppo A5s is due its processor which is MediaTek helio p22.

this processor consumes lots of energy which causes fast batter drainage. You Can Check Which Processor Your Phone Have By Going In About Phone Section. Go-to Setting>>About Phone And There You See All Specification Of Your Phone.

Why New Phone Battery Drains Fast?

It’s no secret that newer phones have shorter battery lives than older models. But why is this? There are a few reasons.

First, newer phones have more features and higher resolutions than older models. This means that the processor has to work harder, which in turn uses more power and drains the battery faster. Second, our usage patterns have changed over time.

We now use our phones for much more than just making calls or sending texts. We use them for email, social media, internet browsing, gaming, and more. All of these activities require power and contribute to shorter battery life.

Third, phone batteries simply don’t last as long as they used to. As technology improves, we expect our devices to do more with less power. This is true for many things, but batteries haven’t kept pace with other technological advances.

So even though our phones are better than ever in terms of features and performance, their battery life isn’t what it once was. If you’re finding that your new phone’s battery drains too quickly, there are a few things you can do to help prolong its life. First, be mindful of your usage patterns and try to cut back on unnecessary activities like social media scrolling or gaming when you’re not near a charger.

Second, invest in a good quality external battery pack so you can recharge on the go. And finally, make sure you’re regularly cleaning out your phone’s cache and closing apps that you’re not using in order to improve its overall efficiency .


Oppo smartphones are known for their long-lasting battery life. However, some users have been complaining that their Oppo batteries are draining too fast. There are a few possible reasons why this may be happening.

One possibility is that the battery may be old and needs to be replaced. Another possibility is that one of the apps on the phone is using up too much battery power. Or, it could be that the phone’s power-saving mode is not working properly.

Whatever the reason, if your Oppo battery is draining too fast, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

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