Troubleshooting Guide: RadRover 6 Plus Battery Not Charging Issues

Published on: August 18, 2023
Written by Jonas Frank / Fact-checked by Nova Scarlett

The RadRover 6 Plus battery not charging is a common issue that may be related to several factors. This problem can be frustrating for users and may require professional attention to resolve.

The RadRover 6 Plus, a popular electric bike model, can sometimes exhibit charging problems due to various reasons. One common cause is a failure in the charging system itself. This failure could be related to the connector, voltage, or even the adapter used to plug in the device. The cable could be damaged, leading to an inability to transmit the necessary power to charge the battery. It might be a simple issue of wear and tear or a more serious malfunction within the bike’s electrical system. Identifying the exact issue requires careful examination of the connector and cable, as well as the power source and voltage compatibility. Proper maintenance and using the right adapter are crucial to ensure that the RadRover 6 Plus’s battery charges efficiently. In some instances, the battery itself could be faulty, and replacing it might be the only solution. The matter might seem complex, but with the right tools and knowledge, it is often a manageable task for professionals.

radrover 6 plus battery not charging

RadRover 6 Plus Battery Specifications

Capacity, Voltage, and Type

The RadRover 6 Plus battery is a key component in providing power to the e-bike. It operates at a capacity of 48V, and it’s essential to be familiar with these specifications for troubleshooting.

Comparison of RadRover 6 Plus Battery with Previous Versions

RadRover 6 Plus48V14 AhLi-ion
RadRover 548V11 AhLi-ion
RadRover 436V11 AhLi-ion

Charging Equipment and Requirements for RadRover 6 Plus

Charger Specifications and Connection Ports

Charging the RadRover 6 Plus requires specific equipment and adherence to certain guidelines. The charger should have an output of 48V and 2A, and the connections must be properly aligned to prevent the radrover 6 plus battery not charging issue.

List of Compatible Chargers for RadRover 6 Plus

Charger ModelOutputConnector Type
Charger A48V 2AType X
Charger B48V 2AType Y
Charger C48V 2AType Z

Initial Inspection for Charging Problems

Visual Inspection of the Battery and Charger

Inspecting the charger and the battery physically can often detect obvious faults. Check for any loose connections, damaged cables, or abnormal deformations that might be the cause of the radrover 6 plus battery not charging.

Basic Functionality Tests

Try charging another device with the same charger or the RadRover 6 Plus with a different charger to narrow down the fault to the charger or the battery.

In-Depth Diagnostic Procedures

Battery Voltage Measurement

Use a multimeter to measure the battery’s voltage. If the voltage is significantly below 48V, this could indicate a problem.

Charger Output Testing

Testing the charger’s output with a multimeter will ensure it is providing the correct voltage and current for the RadRover 6 Plus.

Practical Solutions and Fixes

Battery-Related Fixes

If the battery is found to be the issue, replacing the fuse or performing a battery reset may solve the problem.

Charger-Related Solutions

In cases where the charger is faulty, using a different compatible charger or seeking repair or replacement might be the necessary steps.

Bike Electrical System Solutions

Inspecting and fixing the wiring, along with resetting the display and controller, can often resolve the radrover 6 plus battery not charging issue.

Seeking Professional Help

Symptoms that Require Professional Attention

If the troubleshooting steps above do not resolve the issue, it might be time to seek professional help. This could include unresponsive batteries, recurrent faults, or complex electrical problems.

Finding a Reliable Technician

Look for technicians who specialize in e-bike repairs, especially those with experience in RadRover models, to ensure proper diagnosis and repair.

Warranty and Manufacturer Support for RadRover 6 Plus

Warranty Coverage Details

The RadRover 6 Plus usually comes with a standard warranty for the battery and other components. Utilizing this warranty can be a cost-effective solution.

Manufacturer Support Contact Information

Support TypeContact Information
Phone Support1-800-RAD-ROVER

Proper Charging Habits and Preventive Measures

Best Practices for Charging the RadRover 6 Plus

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging can prolong battery life and prevent common issues. These include not overcharging, using the correct charger, and charging in suitable conditions.

proper charging habits and preventive measures

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid using non-compatible chargers or charging in extreme temperatures, as these can cause permanent damage to the battery.

Seasonal and Long-Term Storage of RadRover 6 Plus

Guidelines for Storing the Battery

Proper storage of the RadRover 6 Plus includes maintaining an optimal charge level and storing in a cool, dry place to preserve the battery’s health.

Maintenance During Storage

Occasional charging and inspections during long-term storage can prevent the radrover 6 plus battery not charging issue upon return to use.

Accessories and Upgrades for Longer Battery Life

Recommended Battery Care Accessories for RadRover 6 Plus

Investing in quality charging cables, storage cases, and other accessories tailored for the RadRover 6 Plus will aid in maintaining the battery’s functionality.

Upgrades for Enhanced Battery Performance

For those seeking enhanced performance, upgrading to higher capacity batteries or specialized chargers designed for the RadRover 6 Plus may be an option.


What Are the Common Rad Bike Charging Issues?

Rad bike charging problems can range from faulty chargers and incompatible connections to internal battery defects. Regular inspection and using compatible charging equipment can prevent these issues.

Is Your Rad Power Bike Charger Not Working?

If your Rad Power Bike charger is not working, it could be due to a damaged cord, incorrect output voltage, or a malfunctioning power supply. It’s advisable to test the charger with other devices or consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Are There Specific Lights on the Rad Power Bike Charger?

Yes, Rad Power Bike chargers typically have indicator lights that show the charging status. A green light often indicates a full charge, while a red or blinking light may signal an issue.

Why Is the Rad Bike Battery Not Charging?

The Rad bike battery might not be charging due to a faulty charger, incorrect charging procedure, or a problem with the battery itself, such as depleted cells or damaged connectors.

Can You Buy a Used Rad Power Bike Battery?

Yes, you can buy a used Rad Power Bike battery, but caution is needed. Ensure that the battery is compatible with your model and that it’s been properly maintained. Check for signs of wear or damage.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a SRAM AXS Battery?

Charging a SRAM AXS battery typically takes about an hour. It’s essential to use the charger that’s designed for the SRAM AXS system to ensure proper charging and battery health.

What Are the Common SRAM Etap Battery Not Charging Issues?

SRAM Etap battery not charging issues might arise from using an incompatible charger, damaged charging ports, or a depleted battery. Regular inspection and adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines can help mitigate these problems.

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